Pumpkin Classes           BEGINNER

Make your own Glass Pumpkin. We offer two different sizes - 2-3" and 4"-5". It is your project so you choose what it looks like !

Prices: Mini Pumpkin Class - $120

           4"-5" Pumpkin Class - $180

About our Classes 

Classes are usually held Friday through Mondays and last about two hours, depending on how many people have booked that class.  The minimum age to work on a project is 12 years old, younger children are welcome to watch but need to be supervised. Children 6 and above may also do the holiday ball class if parents are present. There will be an introduction to the whole group, explaining the procedure of making a piece of glass art. After that each person will spend about 15-20 minutes on-to-one with the artist who will support them to make their project.  Once the piece is finished it has to stay in an annealer over night and can be picked up or shipped (for an additional fee) the following day. Class fees can be paid at the shop on the day of your class. We accept cash and most debit and credit cards. In order to book a class, click on the book classes here button in the corner of the page and this will take you to our schedule. Please remember to wear close toed shoes the day of class. 

Tumbler Classes


Make your own drinking vessel! Shapes and sizes vary.​ You color shape and roll the glass, flare out the lip, then fill with the beverage of your choice​.

Price: Tumbler Class - $180


Paper Weight Classes    


Make your own solid paper weight. There are different projects to choose from paperweights, hearts, flowers and fish. 

Price: Paper Weight Class - $120

Jelly Fish Lamp Classes         Intermediate

In this class you will make your very own jelly fish lamp, which consists of a body and up to 12 separate tentacles. The class includes all materials and a simple light fixture. 

Prices: Range from $375 to $850 depending on size and number of tentacles.


Blow your own Terrarium  


Make your own vessel with a hook to hang it or not. When cooled you may fill it up with dirt or air plants for your very own biosphere!

Prices: Mini Terrarium - $120
           4"-5" Terrarium - $180

Memory Ball      BEGINNER

Make your own Memory Ball ! Trail hot colored glass on the outside then blow into a 4"-5" ball. We drill a hole in it for you later so you can fill it up with sand, shells, almost anything!

Price: Memory Ball Class - $180